Here at Chris Reynolds Pallets, we are committed to limiting the environmental impact of our business. As one of the first heat-treatment centre accredited by both the Forestry Commission and the Timber Packaging and Pallet Confederation (TIMCON), we have long been at the forefront of environmental issues and policy.
We ensure that the timber used to manufacture new wooden pallets is sourced from North European forests that are both managed and sustainable. We source our wood directly from fellow TIMCON members, knowing the high standards they have had to attain to become registered with the organisation.
As a company, we are proud to achieve a process recycling value of 100% across our entire business. We remanufacture used pallets to their original specification, wherever possible. Any scrap material or waste wood is ground into chippings for recycling. We also have our own biomass-fuelled heating apparatus, ensuring none of our organic materials end up as landfill.

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