Factory Clearance Services Available Nationwide

Whether a factory is being closed down, decommissioned, or renovated, you need a firm you can trust to deal with the factory clearance. Here at Chris Reynolds Pallets, we have the lorries, the manpower, and the experience to clear out factories of any size and from any number of industries. Our team of factory clearance specialists has decades of expertise between them that they bring to every job. Whatever your particular requirements might be, you can depend on us to deliver a fast and effective service.

Factory Clearance Solutions

With our own fleet of vehicle and a first-rate logistics team supporting us, Chris Reynolds Pallets has much to offer in the way of factory clearance services. Here is just a few of the things you can expect from us…

Detailed Factory Clearance Plan

At Chris Reynolds Pallets, we know that no two factory clearances are the same. Each new job we take on requires a detailed plan of action before we proceed. From the size and location of your factory (plus the nature of the material we are removing) we can work out the right size of crew to handle the job.

Dismantling of Equipment, Plant, and Machinery

Our team of workers is fully-trained in all aspects of factory clearance, including the safe dismantling of factory equipment. We can disassemble machines safely and quickly, stripping them down for reusable parts and scrap metal to be recycled.

Removal and Disposal of Materials

We work quickly to remove all unwanted material from your factory. As an environmentally responsible company, we see that all materials are appropriately sorted to be recycled, including wood, plastic, scrap metal, and more. Our crew is also licensed to remove and dispose of hazardous waste in a safe and secure manner.

A Flawless Finish

Whatever the specifics of your factory clearance might be, our team will ensure that it is completed to the letter. We only remove items that you have instructed us to dispose of, leaving any outstanding equipment or machinery where it is. Whether a partial or a full factory clearance, it will be completed to a spotless finish.

Health and Safety First

Here at Chris Reynolds Pallets, the health and safety of our factory clearance team is our number one priority. All factory clearances are performed in full compliance with the latest HSE regulations, with our crew being fully-trained to meet those guidelines.

Quality Solutions

Whether the building you need clearing is a small, family-run factory or a sprawling, multi-storey industrial site, Chris Reynolds Pallets is equal to the challenge. We have sufficient workers and lorries to make short work of even the largest factory clearance.

Experienced Factory Clearance Experts

Chris Reynolds Pallets has been trading across the UK for many years. Indeed, with more than 30 years in the industry behind us, we are one of the country’s best-established factory clearance firms. We employ our own crew of workers and drivers who, likewise, bring decades of relevant, hands-on experience to each factory clearance job we take on. This extensive expertise ensures a strong work ethic and unbeatable customer service, every time

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