New and Used Wooden Pallets in Nottingham

Businesses in Nottingham in need of a reliable supplier of wooden pallets and wooden packaging should call Chris Reynolds Pallets today. We deliver across the Midlands on a regular basis, including to our valued customers in Nottingham and the surrounding area. A single call is all it takes to find out what we can do for you and to get a free, no-obligation quote for our services.

The Professional Edge To The Pallet Industry

From our 3 sites across Merseyside, we handle in excess of 2 million pallets per year. Our main disbursement is supply and purchasing reconditioned pallets nationwide. We also produce in excess of 250,000 new pallets per anum.

What Chris Reynolds Pallets Can Do for You

As a leading provider of wooden pallets, we have much to offer our Nottingham customers. Here are just a few of the services we have available…
Our new pallets are manufactured in-house at one of our three production centres in Merseyside. We take care that all pallets are built to standard industry sizes and that the wood used in their construction comes from sustainable forests. Our new pallets are also heat treated to ensure they are fit for international use.
Of the 2 million pallets we handle each year, more than half of them are reconditioned from damaged units. We repair them to the same high standard as our new pallet stock, returning them to the supply chain, where they can be used again by our customers in Nottingham and beyond.
All our pallets go through a heat treatment process at our production centres. They are placed into specialist, industrial kilns, where their internal temperature is slowly raised to kill off any insects, bacteria, or fungal infestations. This makes them suitable for global shipping purposes and compliant with ISPM-15 standards.
We offer a complete factory clearance service for our clients in Nottingham. We bring a team of workers, a high-capacity truck, and the right loading equipment to clear your factory of stock, plant, and equipment with speed and efficiency. These items can then be taken away and disposed of appropriately.
We also produce wooden pallet collars and wooden crates, as well as several other packaging solutions. We ensure that these meet the same high standards we employ with our pallets and can also have them heat-treated, if you intend to use them overseas.
If your company gets through a lot of wooden pallets and is stockpiling broken units, why not make use of our repair and return service? We will collect your damaged pallets, repair them to usable condition, and return them to you on our next delivery. You save time, effort, and expense, all while benefiting the environment.

Your National Wooden Pallet Suppliers

From our production centres in the North West, we provide essential wooden pallet delivery and collection service throughout the UK. Our team regularly ends up in the Midlands, attending customers in Nottingham and beyond. Where you are in the city, you can rely on us for a fast and efficient service.

Sustainable Wooden Pallets

We believe in limiting our environmental impact wherever possible, which is why we favour reconditioned wooden pallets over newly-manufactured units. When we make new wooden pallets, the timber is harvested from sustainable products. In addition, any waste wooden material is put to good use. Where it can’t be salvaged, we shred it down for biofuel to heat our treatment kilns.

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