Used and Reconditioned Pallets Available Nationwide

In addition to our range of new wooden pallets, Chris Reynolds Pallets also provides an extensive selection of used and reconditioned pallets to our customers across the UK. These are sourced from companies across the country and returned to our three sites in Merseyside. These used wooden pallets are carefully recycled and remanufactured to meet the same high quality as our new pallets.
At Chris Reynolds Pallets, we understand that many of our clients incorporate reconditioned, used, or second-hand pallets into their regular stock, whether for cost, convenience, or to reduce their carbon footprint. This makes used pallets an essential part of our inclusive range of pallet services, providing our customers with a flexible and sustainable pallet solution.

Why Choose Chris Reynolds Pallets

There are many reasons to choose us for your reconditioned, second-hand, or used pallets across the UK. Here is just a few of them…
  • Largest Stock of EPAL Euros in the UK
  • 40,000 of all industry standard sizes in stock
  • Highly efficient quality control systems
  • 24hrs lead time
  • Next day delivery nationwide
  • Faultless customer references
  • Zero waste to landfill.

Remanufactured Wooden Pallets Available Nationwide

As the North West’s leading supplier of used and reconditioned wooden pallets, we have much to offer our customers across the country. Here is a few of our more popular services…

Used Pallet Collections

We source our used pallets from companies across the UK who no longer have need of them. We buy in bulk, offering competitive rates for any volume of pre-owned wooden pallets. We collect them direct from the site. We collect all used pallets, no matter what condition they are in, repairing what we can and recycling what we cannot.
For a quote or site visit contact Jay M Reynolds.

Jay M Reynolds

Sales Director 07494 456023

Reconditioned Wooden Pallets

Most of the wooden pallets we purchase from distribution centres have seen better days. Being often used for long haul deliveries , they have suffered broken components. When they arrive on site they are quality checked and put through our experienced repair line. Once fully refurbished they are quality checked stacked into grades and stored ready for delivery.

Broken Pallet Repair

Wooden pallets are put through a lot of punishment as part of their day-to-day use. No matter how well produced the original pallets were, some of them will crack or snap under constant use. At Chris Reynolds Pallets, we have extensive experience repairing damaged pallets and making these suitable for use. We ensure all repaired pallets meet the same high standards as our regular stock.

Waste-Free Recycled Pallets

Not all the pallets we collect are suitable to be refurbished. They may be too damaged for us to salvage, or otherwise unusable. As an environmentally-responsible pallet company, we are committed to a zero-landfill policy. Any non-salvageable pallets are ground down into chippings for recycling or pulped for use in our biomass-fuelled kiln for producing our heat-treated pallets.

Standard Sizes Available

Since our used pallets come mostly from existing customers, they are already cut and constructed to meet standard industry specifications. We keep a regular stock of reconditioned pallets in these standard sizes, allowing us to fulfil orders quickly and effectively. For more unusual sizes, we recommend our new pallet service, where we can produce bespoke pallets from scratch.

National Used Pallet Delivery

We have three sites in Merseyside where we keep our stock of recycled wooden pallets, plus a depot in Cardiff. With our own fleet of delivery lorries, we are in the ideal position to assist our customers across the UK with their used pallet requirements. No matter how large or small the order, we guarantee a fast turnaround and prompt delivery.

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