Repair and Return Services Available Nationwide

For anybody in the shipping and storage industry, broken pallets are just a part of life. They are put through so much as part of their day-to-day duties, that is inevitable some are going to get cracked and broken.
Here at Chris Reynolds Pallets, we offer a range of options for new and reconditioned pallets to our customers across the UK. Many of those clients return to us, time and again, to replenish their stock of quality, heat-treated wooden pallets, and we are happy to supply them.
One arrangement, favoured by many, is our repair and return service. Here we collect any broken or damaged pallets from your site, returning them to our Merseyside-based production facilities. We then repair and recondition them to the same high standard as the rest of our stock, before returning them to you, good as new, and at a fraction of the cost of newly-manufactured timber pallets.

Pallet Repairs and Returns Available Nationwide

As the North West’s leading supplier of used and reconditioned wooden pallets, we have much to offer our customers across the country. Here is what you can expect from us…

Broken Pallet Collection

The first step in our repair and return service is collecting the broken and damaged pallets from your company. Our drivers cover the country on a daily basis, dropping off and picking up pallets for our customers nationwide. We will take all your broken pallets, providing you with a receipt detailing the number of pallets we have collected.

Pallet Repair Services

Your broken pallets are then taken to one of our three production sites on Merseyside. Here we repair and recondition your broken pallets so that they are as strong and durable as ones straight off our production line. All repaired pallets are subject to the same high standard of quality control as the rest of our products.

Pallet Recycling Solutions

Of course, not all broken pallets can be fixed. Some have simply suffered to much damage to be salvageable. Committed as we are to our 0% waste policy, even these pallets can be put to use. They are ground down into wooden chippings that can then be recycled or further pulped and fed into our biomass-fuelled industrial kiln.

Pallet Returns

Once all your pallet repairs are completed, we will load them onto one of our trucks and bring them right back to your site. We do not charge you for any pulped or recycled pallets – only those that we were able to repair – and we will provide you with an inventory detailing those numbers.

National Repair and Return Solutions

We operate out of four sites – three production plants in our home county of Merseyside, and a depot in Cardiff. From here, our fleet of pallet vans cover the entire country, delivering and collecting pallets on every trip. Whether we are picking up broken pallets or dropping off repaired ones, we can fit you into our schedule.

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