Pallet Services

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We produce new pallets on a daily basis at our three plants on the Wirral. Created using timber from sustainable forests, our wooden pallets are constructed to whatever specifications you need for your deliveries.
In addition to our regular stock of new wooden pallets, we have an extensive selection of used wooden pallets available for immediate purchase. These used pallets are fully reconditioned to meet current industry standards.
We provide heat treated pallets suitable for international cargo solutions. Using our own biomass-fuelled kiln, we treat all pallets to IPSM-15 standards, ensuring they meet all requirements for global delivery.
As the leading pallet manufacturing and distribution firm in the North West, Chris Reynolds Pallets is always looking to replenish our stock. While we produce our own new pallets, having a steady supply of used pallets that we can recondition allows us to offer more options and greater value to our customers across the country.
Whether a factory is being closed down, decommissioned, or renovated, you need a firm you can trust to deal with the factory clearance. Here at Chris Reynolds Pallets, we have the lorries, the manpower, and the experience to clear out factories of any size and from any number of industries.

No Job Too Big or Small

Whether the building you need clearing is a small, family-run factory or a sprawling, multi-storey industrial site, Chris Reynolds Pallets is equal to the challenge. We have sufficient workers and lorries to make short work of even the largest factory clearance.

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