Pallets Wanted Across the UK

As the leading pallet manufacturing and distribution firm in the North West, Chris Reynolds Pallets is always looking to replenish our stock. While we produce our own new pallets, having a steady supply of used pallets that we can recondition allows us to offer more options and greater value to our customers across the country.

Used Wooden Pallets Wanted Nationwide

Whether you run a storage yard, factory, warehouse, or other facility, you can dispose of your used and unwanted pallets with Chris Reynolds Pallets. Here is just a few of the services we offer…

Competitive Prices for Used Pallets

At Chris Reynolds Pallets we are always in the market for used pallets in good condition and we always pay a good price for them. Let us know how many pallets you need collecting and we will give you a free, no-obligation quote. When our team arrives, we will check the quality of the pallets before loading them up.

No Waste

At Chris Reynolds Pallets we pride ourselves on having a 100% record in re-using old pallets. None of our pallets ends up in landfill, and that include any we collect from you. Good-quality pallets are refurbished and broken ones are repaired. Any pallets that are too damage are ground into woodchip and recycled.

Free Collection of Broken Pallets

While we only pay for pallets in good condition, we don’t like to leave our customers with dozens of unusable wooden pallets taking up space. We are happy to remove these broken and damaged pallets for you, completely free of charge. You end up with more space, while we get to repair and resell your damaged pallets.

A National Pallet Collection Service

No matter where you are based in the country, we will find you. Our fleet of pallet lorries is a common sight on roads up and down the UK as we complete our deliveries and collections. From the Scottish Highlands to the Cornish moors, we are happy to arrange collection of all your unwanted wooden pallets.

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