New and Used Wooden Pallets in Runcorn

Chris Reynolds Pallets manufactures, repairs, and delivers wooden pallets of the highest quality across the North West and beyond. Handling more than 2 million pallets every year, we are a well-respected and reliable firm, with a reputation for excellence among our many customers in Runcorn and further afield.

The Professional Edge To The Pallet Industry

From our 3 sites across Merseyside, we handle in excess of 2 million pallets per year. Our main disbursement is supply and purchasing reconditioned pallets nationwide. We also produce in excess of 250,000 new pallets per anum.

What Chris Reynolds Pallets Can Do for You

As the region’s leading producer and supplier of new and used timber pallets, we have much to offer our Runcorn customers. Here are just a few of the services we have available…
Using quality timber from sustainable forests, we manufacture more than a quarter of a million new wooden pallets every year at our trio of production sites. Built to industry-standard sizes and heat-treated for international shipping, all new wooden pallets are of the highest quality.
We repair, recondition, and refurbish over a million used and second-hand wooden pallets every year, ensuring each unit meets the same high standard as our new pallets. This includes heat treatment, wherever necessary.
Each of our three production centres has its own kiln for heat-treating new and refurbished wooden pallets. This ensures that every pallet leaving our site meets the ISPM-15 standards for international shipping.
With a fleet of trucks and a hard-working team at our disposal, Chris Reynolds Pallets has everything we need to provide a full factory clearance for our Runcorn customers. Whether you need to get rid of plant, materials, stock, or anything else, let us handle all the heavy work for you.
We produce pallet collars, wooden crates, and a variety of other packaging solutions in addition to our pallets. Whatever your wooden packaging requirements might be, give Chris Reynolds Pallets a call today and see how we can assist you.
Many companies find themselves overwhelmed with damaged and broken pallets. Instead of sending them off for recycling, take advantage of our repair and return service. Exactly what the name suggests, we repair your damaged pallets at our production sites and return them to you in top condition.

Your National Wooden Pallet Suppliers

From our production centres on the Wirral, it’s only a stone’s throw to reach our customers in Runcorn and the surrounding area. We have our own fleet of pallet delivery trucks and our own team of dedicated drivers who know the route well. This ensures a quick turnaround on every order, and punctual deliveries every time.

Sustainable Wooden Pallets

Like any responsible company, we do what we can to limit our impact on the environment. This includes only using timber from sustainable forests for our new pallets and repairing and reusing old pallets, wherever possible. We have a 100% recycling record, shredding all waste wood material for use as biofuel in our heat-treatment kilns.

Get in touch

For all your timber pallet and wooden packaging needs in and around Runcorn, contact Chris Reynolds Pallets today. Call us on 0151 653 8573 to place an order or to receive a free, no-obligation quote.