New and Used Wooden Pallets in Birmingham

Here at Chris Reynolds Pallets, we manufacture and deliver wooden pallets of the highest quality to businesses in Birmingham and the surrounding area. With three production sites in our home town of Birkenhead and a dedicated distribution centre in Cardiff, we are in the perfect position to assist you with all your wooden pallet and packaging needs.

The Professional Edge To The Pallet Industry

From our 3 sites across Merseyside, we handle in excess of 2 million pallets per year. Our main disbursement is supply and purchasing reconditioned pallets nationwide. We also produce in excess of 250,000 new pallets per anum.

What Chris Reynolds Pallets Can Do for You

As one of the country’s leading providers of new and used timber pallets, we have much to offer our customers in Birmingham. Here are some of our most popular services…
One of our three production sites is dedicated to the manufacturing of new wooden pallets. Using high-quality timber from sustainable forests, our pallets are produced to meet all domestic and international haulage regulations. This includes being constructed to industry-standard sizes and being heat treated in our on-site kilns.
Of the two million pallets we distribute each year, more than three quarters have been repaired and refurbished from broken and used pallets. All repair work meets the same high standards as our new pallets, ensuring our Birmingham customers can make use of them, whatever industry they belong to.
Wooden pallets that are being used to ship products abroad (including to the EU) must be heat-treated to IPSM-15 standards. This process eradicates any infestations in the wood, including insects, fungi, parasites, and disease. We have our own heat treatment kilns at all our production centres to ensure new and used pallets meet international shipping standards.
With our own fleet of vehicles and a dedicated workforce, we have everything we need to deliver a fast and thorough factory clearance service to our Birmingham customers. We clear out old buildings that are being decommissioned as well as new acquisitions that the former occupants failed to empty. We will remove materials, machinery, and equipment, disposing of it in an environmentally-responsible manner.
As well as traditional wooden pallets, we also create other forms of wooden packaging at our production centres. These include wooden pallet collars and wooden pallet crates. All items are produced to the same high standards as our pallets, including our on-site heat treatment process, if they are to be used for international export.
Even the best wooden pallets don’t last forever. In the rough and tumble world of haulage and storage, there are bound to be some breakages. As we travel the country delivering our wooden pallet orders, we are happy to collect any damaged stock from you, returning them to our Wirral production centres for repair and refurbishment.

Your National Wooden Pallet Suppliers

We operate three production sites in Birkenhead and a distribution site in Cardiff. From here, our fleet of trucks travels across the UK, delivering new and recycled wooden pallets and packaging, and collecting used and broken ones. We are regular visitors to Birmingham, where we work with many valued clients across the city and surrounding area.

Sustainable Wooden Pallets

Here at Chris Reynolds Pallets, we take our responsibility to the environment seriously, as we know many of our Birmingham customers do. The bulk of our pallets are repaired and refurbished from broken stock, with all the timber for our new wooden pallets coming from sustainable forests. We maintain a 100% record for recycling across our sites, with broken wooden pallets that we cannot save being shredded into wood chippings to fuel our heat treatment kilns.

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