New and Used Wooden Pallets in Leicester

Chris Reynolds Pallets is well-respected with the pallet industry as one of the leading manufacturers and distributors in the sector. We work with haulage, shipping, and storage customers throughout the UK, including our valued customers in Leicester.

The Professional Edge To The Pallet Industry

From our 3 sites across Merseyside, we handle in excess of 2 million pallets per year. Our main disbursement is supply and purchasing reconditioned pallets nationwide. We also produce in excess of 250,000 new pallets per anum.

What Chris Reynolds Pallets Can Do for You

As a leading UK pallet manufacturer, we have much to offer our Leicester customers. Here are just a few of the services we have available…
Customers in Leicester can get the very best in new wooden pallets from Chris Reynolds Pallets. We manufacture over 250,000 units each year, using sustainable timber harvested from North European forests. All our pallets are of the highest quality and subjected to a heat treatment process to make them suitable for global haulage applications.
The majority of pallets that pass through our doors are pre-owned, collected from companies across the UK, including some in Leicester. We repair and recondition these pallets (over a million a year), restoring them to industry standards and heat-treating them where necessary.
All pallets and most wooden packaging is put through a heat treatment process at our production centres. This involves them being placed in a specially-constructed kiln, where they are heated until their internal temperature is high enough to kill any bugs, bacteria, or fungus. This makes them compliant with ISPM-15 standards and suitable for global use.
Clearing out a factory of plant, stock, and equipment is a labour-intensive project. Why not leave the heavy lifting to us. We will empty out all your unwanted items into our high-capacity trucks, removing them for processing and disposal.
Wooden pallets are just part of our product line. We also manufacture wooden pallet collars, wooden crates, and other packaging materials. You will find these are built to the same high standard as our range of pallets, and can also be heat treated if needed.
Repair and return is exactly what it sounds like. We pick up your stock of broken pallets and recover them to our production centres on the Wirral. There they are repaired to industry standards, before being returned to you on your next delivery. This is a great way to save space and money, all while keeping old pallets out of landfill.

Your National Wooden Pallet Suppliers

We are regular visitors to the East Midlands, it being a stopping off point between our Wirral production sites and many of our customers in the South of England. Leicester, being one of the region’s most important cities, is often part of our route. Wherever you are located in the city, we ensure all orders are completed and delivered quickly and with care.

Sustainable Wooden Pallets

It is the responsibility of every company to look after the environment for future generations and, at Chris Reynolds Pallets, we are doing our best. Our timber comes from sustainable forests, we put millions of broken pallets back into the supply chain, and we have a 100% recycling record for all wood waste that comes from our production centre. This waste is pulped on-site and used to heat our kilns.

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