Protecting Wooden Pallets During the Winter Months

We’re well into winter already and the weather has begun to turn in certain parts of the country. As the season moves on, we can expect more rain, snow, and hail to arrive with it. Any business that makes regular use of wooden pallets – weather for storage or haulage – needs to make sure their stock of pallets is protected against the elements.

Indoor Storage

The best way to protect your wooden pallets from weather damage during the winter is to keep them inside. Stored in a warehouse or another covered storage facility, your supply of crates will be safe from the elements all year round. That said, even indoor storage space can suffer from damp, condensation, and mould in cold weather. See to it that your pallets are kept somewhere that will remain dry, away from potential areas of leaking or damp, and be sure to cover them with a dust sheet or tarpaulin.

Keep Them Covered

Of course, many businesses keep their wooden pallets outside – whether under cover or not. Many more are forced to do so in the run-up to Christmas, as their storage areas fill up with seasonal stock. While this is not ideal, if you cover your pallets completely with some sort of waterproof sheeting, weighed down on the corners with bricks, they should escape the worst of the damage.

Raise them up

While plastic sheeting and tarpaulins might keep the rain off, it won’t stop water collecting on the floor and seeping into the bottom pallets.

We recommend raising your pallets up on a couple of bricks or flagstones, to keep them away from any excessive moisture.

Regular Checks

It’s important to keep an eye on your pallets, even if they are covered up and well-stored. Daily checks ensure that there are no holes in the cover and that none of your stock is affected by damp or mould.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

Knowing when a cold snap, heavy rainfall, or snow is coming can make all the difference. You may choose to operate a hybrid system for storing your pallets – bringing them in when you know bad weather is on the way, and taking them out again once you have the all-clear.

Replacement Wooden Pallets

Even if you follow these tips, we can’t guarantee all your wooden pallets will be safe over the winter. Should you notice any are rotting or mouldy during your regular checks, you will need to replace them.

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